Dream Maker 
Cain Super Sires

Exotic: Detox 135-3  x (Immortal 60-1 x Fatal) 

Big Express 
Cain Super Sires

Exotic: Big Time 81-11  x (Batman x Pitch Black) 

Bring It Back 
Cain Super Sires

Exotic: Bring It On  x  Intimidator 

Cain Super Sires

Exotic: Avatar  x  Get It On 

County Fare 
Morgan Genetics

Exotic: Warfare  x Big Ern

Cain Super Sires

Exotic: (Avatar x Get It On)
Cain Super Sires

Exotic: Paparazzi  x  Superfreak
2011- 2012 Reference Sires 
Super Monster 
Owned by Cutting Edge 

Exotic: Monster 52-4 x Super 7

2012 - 2013 Reference Sires 
21-3 I M Serious 
Sandy River Show Swine

Exotic: Get Serious x Invincible

Deep In The Bush
Sandy River Show Swine

Exotic: Bushwood (Augusta) x Mark 
Hampshire Boar 
Bred By: Steve & Derek Earnhardt Families

Wet Dream
Sandy River Show Swine

Exotic: Dream Maker x Big & Rich (Bring it ons Mom) 
bred by Cain Super Sires

Boars On Stud 
Bone Collector 

Exotic: Hillbilly Bone x Heavy Weight x Crossbow

Cyber Monster

Exotic: Monster Pipe x Heatwave

Look At Me 

Hampshire: Preacher x Forefront

Perfect Poison 

Exotic: Ya Know x Recovery


Berkshire: Double Stuff x Time Bandit

So Cool 

Yorkshire: Cool Cell x Slick Moves

Mental Jack 

Exotic: Monumental x Stick This

Monster Mania

Exotic: Monster Pipe x Big Stick

On Top

Exotic: Top This x Stick This

Monster Pipe

Exotic: Super Monster x Big Time

Boars On Stud
Service Sires
All the boars can be viewed at their 
boar studs listed next to their name or by clicking 
on to their picture
Fall 2014 - Spring 2015 Reference Sires 
Cyber War


Sire - Cyber Monster
Sow - County Fare x Read Em & Weep
Bred By - Bevington Show Pigs

Big Pipes


Sire - Monster Pipes
Sow - Big Stick x ARK Enterprise x ARK Stormchaser
Bred By - Bevington Show Pigs

Paramount - topcutgeneticsinc.com

Exotic: Monster Pipe x Big Stick x Mad Man x Big Shot

2013-2014 Reference Sires 
Tree Trunks - topcutgeneticsinc.com

Exotic: Boost x Hillbilly Bone

Worth The Wait - topcutgeneticsinc.com

Yorkshire: Doc Holiday x The Grizz

Body Builder - topcutgeneticsinc.com

Yorkshire: Best Yet x True Colors x Tug Boat

Colossal - topcutgeneticsinc.com

Exotic: Monster Pipe x Big Stick

Revolver - topcutgeneticsinc.com

Exotic: Colt 45 x Big Time x Solid Gold x 7-2 x Alley Cat

Killer Instinct - topcutgeneticsinc.com

Exotic: Creature x Super Monster x Vintage

In Print- topcutgeneticsinc.com

Yorkshire: Footprint x Shakin' Hands x Empire x Anchor x Tank

Analyze This - topcutgeneticsinc.com

Exotic: Super Monster x Cowboy Up

Changed Man - topcutgeneticsinc.com

Exotic: Changer x Mountain Man x Committed

Snake Bite - topcutgeneticsinc.com

Berkshire: Venom x Walk The Dog

Fare Play - topcutgeneticsinc.com

Exotic: No Fare x Hot Shot 125-3 x Super Monster x Geronimo's Sister

Pulse - topcutgeneticsinc.com

Exotic: Main Motion x Turbo (Outta Of Hand's Mother)

Soundwave - topcutgeneticsinc.com

Exotic: Megatron (9 to 5 x Big Bucks x Doolittleraid) x No Fare x Man O' War

Living Legend 75-1 

Exotic: Living Legend x Augusta 
x Major Feat

Unquestionable 12-1 topcutgeneticsinc.com

Yorkshire: Untouchable x Step Ahead 
(Out Of Control's Mother)