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Dream Maker - Cain Super Sires

Detox 135-3  x (Immortal 60-1 x Fatal) 

Big Express - Cain Super Sires

Big Time 81-11  x (Batman x Pitch Black) 

Bring It Back - Cain Super Sires

Bring It On  x  Intimidator 

Tattoo - Cain Super Sires

Avatar  x  Get It On 

County Fare - Morgan Genetics

Warfare  x Big Ern

Veto - Cain Super Sires

(Avatar x Get It On)
OnStar - Cain Super Sires

Paparazzi  x  Superfreak
2011- 2012 
Super Monster Owned by Cutting Edge 

Monster 52-4 x Super 7

2012 - 2013 
21-3 I M Serious -Sandy River Show Swine
Get Serious x Invincible
Exotic Boar 

Deep In The Bush - Sandy River Show Swine
Bushwood (Augusta) x Mark 
Hampshire Boar 10.9 Loin Eye & 1.03 Backfat
Bred By: Steve & Derek Earnhardt Families

Wet Dream - Sandy River Show Swine
Dream Maker x Big & Rich (Bring it ons Mom) 
bred by Cain Super Sires

November 2013 - March 2014 
Bone Collector -  premiumblendgenetics.com

Exotic: Hillbilly Bone x Heavy Weight x Crossbow

Cyber Monster -  geneticedge.com

Exotic: Monster Pipe x Heatwave

Middle Man - geneticedge.com

Exotic: Main Man x Hotshot 125-3

Bone Zone - leanvaluesires.com

Exotic: Hillbilly Bone x Supernova

Big Change - leanvaluesires.com

Exotic: Big Express x Power To Change

Jagger - leanvaluesires.com

Exotic: Swagger x Showoff

On the Edge - leanvaluesires.com

Exotic: Big Time 81-11 x American Way x (Fatal Attraction)

Look At Me - leanvaluesires.com

Hampshire: Preacher x Forefront

Cat Scratch Fever - leanvaluesires.com

Exotic: Big Monster x Out Cattin

Perfect Poison - leanvaluesires.com

Exotic: Ya Know x Recovery

Transformer - leanvaluesires.com

Berkshire: Double Stuff x Time Bandit

So Cool - leanvaluesires.com

Yorkshire: Cool Cell x Slick Moves

Billboard - geneticedge.com

Exotic: Top This x Hillbilly Bone

Mental Jack - geneticedge.com

Exotic: Monumental x Stick This

Monster Mania - geneticedge.com

Exotic: Monster Pipe x Big Stick

On Top - geneticedge.com

Exotic: Top This x Stick This

Ruler - geneticedge.com

Exotic: Monumental x Top This

Top This - geneticedge.com

Exotic: Stick This x Big Shot

Monster Pipe - geneticedge.com

Exotic: Super Monster x Big Time

Luxury - geneticedge.com

Exotic: Monumental x Monster Pipe

Trump This - geneticedge.com

Exotic: Stick This x Major Feat x Blowout

All the boars can be viewed at their boar studs listed next to their name or by clicking on to their picture
Monster Quest - premiumblendgenetics.com

Exotic: Fame Monster x Super 8

Gated Community - premiumblendgenetics.com

Yorkshire: Crazy Bones x Sparkplug